Operational leasing

Do you want a vehicle but don’t want to commit to a specific brand or take out a loan to buy a car?

At Free2rent, we offer you the option of operational leasing, where you can rent a vehicle long term, while you only pay for its use.

What is operational leasing?

Operational leasing is intended for both individuals and legal entities. You only pay for the use of the rented vehicle.

You can choose operational leasing when you want to expand your vehicle fleet, or you only need a vehicle for a few months or years, but you may not want to be tied to a specific car model.

How do I decide on operational leasing?

If you are choosing between a car loan or operational leasing, leasing just might be your optimal choice. With operational leasing, you do not need additional guarantees, because the guarantee for the object of the contract is the property right of the lessor. The procedure for operational leasing is therefore much faster and simpler. It guarantees you the rental of a car, van or truck according to your wishes and needs.

Our experts will help you find the most optimal solution for your needs.

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