All rates are inclusive of 22% VAT. Rate and additional description are based on general terms & conditions valid at the time of rental and are on display in all Free2rent Slovenia branches.
For corporate customers with individual agreements alternative prices and regulations can apply.



We accept all credit cards from internationally recognized credit card companies – such as:
Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa. Visa Electron cannot be used as a guarantee for payment.

Two credit cards will be required as a guarantee for vehicle groups: SF**, FD**, FW**, FF**, P***, X***, where a guarantee deposit or preauthorization will be made upon vehicle collection.
Cash Payment is only possible for rentals of car groups from MCMR to CDMR.



All vehicles are normally supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refilled prior to return to Free2rent, otherwise a charge of 3,00 EUR per liter of petrol or diesel will apply. The actual difference is calculated and charged even in cases when the car has not been checked out with a full tank of fuel.

Prepaid Fuel

At the time of pick up customers can purchase a full tank of fuel (prepaid fuel service). Price differs from one vehicle group to another as it is linked to the volume of the fuel tank and is shown in a written form on the rental agreement.
Unused fuel in amount cannot be refunded.



Third party insurance

Insurance coverage for the rented vehicles include Third Party Liability and covers for personal injuries and material damages to third persons/vehicles.

Excluded from the coverage is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All insurance coverage as part of the rental contract will become void,
in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that can influence on driver’s ability to operate with vehicle. Coverage is also invalid if driver does not possess the required driver’s license at the time of the event giving rise to claim.

An advance charge approval is obtained for the chosen means of payment as a security deposit. Estimated deposit amounts are described below. In case of damage or theft the customer is responsible for the following amounts:

Koda vozilaPrimer vozilaOdgovornost (LDW)Zmanjšana odgovornost (Top LDW)Zmanjšana odgovornost (Super LDW)Znesek depozita
MCMRToyota Aygo in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
EDMRToyota Yaris in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
CDARToyota CH-R avt. in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
CDMRToyota CH-R in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
CLMRSuzuki Vitara in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
CFARSuzuki Vitara avt. in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
CWMRToyota Auris Variant in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
CWARToyota Auris Variant avt. in podobno300.00 €150.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
IDMRToyota Corolla in podobno600.00 €300.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
IWMRToyota Corolla Variant in podobno600.00 €300.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
IWARSkoda Octavia Combi avt. in podobno600.00 €300.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
IVMRToyota Corolla Verso in podobno600.00 €300.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
SDMRToyota Camry in podobno900.00 €450.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
SDARToyota Camry avt. In podobno900.00 €450.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 10 % + odgovornost
PWARAudi A6 Variant avt. In podobno1,500.00 €750.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 20 % + odgovornost
PFARLexus NX 300 avt. in podobno1,500.00 €750.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 20 % + odgovornost
FVMRToyota ProAce 7+1 in podobno1,500.00 €750.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 20 % + odgovornost
FVARToyota ProAce avt. 7+1 in podobno1,500.00 €750.00 €0.00 €znesek najema + 20 % + odgovornost

If LDW is not included, the credit card deposit is triple the amount of the described above.
Responsibility can be reduced by purchasing additional coverage products.

Pnevmatike in steklaPremium
max LDW/Top LDW/Super LDW = x10LDWTop LDWSuper LDWEUR/danmax.EURpaket
MCMRToyota Aygo in podobno14.00 €10.00 €12.00 €5.00 €50.00 €n/a €
EDMRToyota Yaris in podobno14.00 €10.00 €12.00 €5.00 €50.00 €n/a €
CDARToyota CH-R avt. in podobno14.00 €10.00 €12.00 €5.00 €50.00 €n/a €
CDMRToyota CH-R in podobno14.00 €10.00 €12.00 €5.00 €50.00 €n/a €
CLMRSuzuki Vitara in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
CFARSuzuki Vitara avt. in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
CWMRToyota Auris Variant in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
CWARToyota Auris Variant avt. in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
IDMRToyota Corolla in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
IWMRToyota Corolla Variant in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
IWARSkoda Octavia Combi avt. in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
IVMRToyota Corolla Verso in podobno14.00 €12.00 €14.00 €6.00 €60.00 €n/a €
SDMRToyota Camry in podobno16.00 €14.00 €16.00 €7.00 €70.00 €n/a €
SDARToyota Camry avt. In podobno16.00 €14.00 €16.00 €7.00 €70.00 €n/a €
PWARAudi A6 Variant avt. In podobno22.00 €20.00 €22.00 €12.00 €120.00 €n/a €
PFARLexus NX 300 avt. in podobno22.00 €20.00 €22.00 €12.00 €120.00 €n/a €
FVMRToyota ProAce 7+1 in podobno20.00 €18.00 €20.00 €10.00 €100.00 €n/a €
FVARToyota ProAce avt. 7+1 in podobno20.00 €18.00 €20.00 €10.00 €100.00 €n/a €

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) reduces the driver’s responsibility to a part of the vehicle in case of damage.

Damages are calculated in accordance with the valid price list of minor damages, which is available for inspection in each branch office
If LDW is not accepted the customer will be held liable for the full value of the car.

If LDW is accepted, customer is only responsible for the amount of excess.

If LDW is already included in the rate the renter can choose Top LDW or Super LDW to reduce (Top LDW; reduce excess) or eliminate the Non-Waiverable Responsibility.

If Super LDW is accepted, customer is only held responsible for the following damages (see below), otherwise: 0.- EUR

LDW, Top LDW or Super LDW coverages do not include: Damages to vehicles interior, damages to the vehicle’s underbody, Wheels/Tires, Lights, Mirrors (glass parts), Antenna, Wheel caps, Wipers and Mechanical parts.

Responsibility for damages to tires and/or glass can be eliminated by purchasing Tire & Glass coverage.

Tire & Glass coverage includes damages on: windows, side mirrors (glass parts), tires, wheels, wheel trims, indicator lamps and lights
LDW, Top LDW or Super LDW coverage does not have effect in countries to which entry is prohibited!

LDW, Top LDW or Super LDW coverage does not include damages to the vehicle as a consequence of improper use! The renter is held liable for the vehicle until the vehicle has been checked in by a member of Free2rent staff!


Personal accident insurance (PAI)

Personal Accident Insurance provides cover for passengers in cases of an accident resulting with permanent injuries or death. The cost of PAI is as follows: see table below:

Koda vozilaOsebno zavarovanje proti nezgodi EUR / danOsebno zavarovanje proti nezgodi Max. EUR / najem
za vse skupine vozil, razen:
 4,00 € 40,00 €
 za skupine vozil:
 8,00 € 80,00 €

One way rentals

National – within Slovenia

One-Way Rentals within Free2rent locations in Slovenia are free of charge.
In case of unannounced and unauthorized one-way rental we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of 300,00 EUR.

Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions

Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries for additional fee:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg,
Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain.

Cross Border Rentals to Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro are not allowed for vehicle brands Audi and Lexus and all other premium vehicles.
A written permission issued by Free2rent is mandatory to cross the border with all upper car groups.

Entry to one of the countries not listed above (with valid entry exceptions) is strictly prohibited!

Cross border fee covers costs of insurance and road assistance for usage of vehicles outside national borders of republic of Slovenia. Amount of 6,00 EUR per day or maximum 60,00 EUR per rental is charged if entering any country for which Free2rent does not have any entry restrictions. Cross border fee does not exclude entry restriction to specified countries!

In case of offence against Cross Border & Territorial Restrictions all insurances lose their validity!


Service Fee / Premium Location Fee

A Service Fee of 10% on the basis rental rate (T&M) occurs for rentals at airport stations.


Age Restrictions

Minimum age in Slovenia is 21 and the driver has to be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 2 years.

Drivers between 18 and 21 years of age may only hire vehicle groups MCMR, ECMR, EDMR, CDMR.

Age limit for vehicle categories, higher than CDMR is 23 Years.

Young driver coverage of 8,00 EUR / day or maximum 80,00 EUR per rental will apply for drivers younger than 23 years.


Out of hours service surcharge

In case of late arrival or rental out of working hours Out of hours surcharge of 30,00 EUR will apply.


Damage and loss

New damages will be charged in accordance with customer’s level of liability. Minor damages will be calculated as per Free2rent damage price list or on the basis on repair costs of official repair shop.

Opis Cena
Poškodovana vinjeta za avto 110,00 €
Poškodovana vinjeta za kombi (rang FVMR,PVMR,PVAR) 220,00 €
Izgubljeni dokumenti 150,00 €
Ključ Cena uradnega prodajalca vozil

Delivery & Collection (DL & CO)

Delivery and collection service are on request. Please contact the local rental station.

During opening hours

Free delivery within city limits (or 30 km from closest Free2rent office) during working hours.
If the site of delivery is more than 30 km away from office during working hours, service will be charged as per rate 10,00 EUR + 0,30 EUR / km
Out of opening hours

Free delivery within city limits (or 30 km from closest Free2rent office).
If the site of delivery is more than 30 km away from office, service will be charged as per rate 10,00 EUR + 0,30 EUR / km
Delivery must be arranged at the time of reservation
Besides delivery surcharge the out of hours service fee of 30,00 EUR for out of opening hours deliveries also applies!


Additional driver (AD)

An Additional Driver Surcharge of EUR 4,00 /day / driver applies (maximum charge 40,00 EUR).

EUR / DanMax. EUR / najem
Otroški sedež za dojenčke (0 – 25 kg)5.00 €50.00 €
Otroški sedež5.00 €50.00 €
Jahač5.00 €50.00 €
Nosilci za smuči10.00 €100.00 €
Strešni kovček10.00 €100.00 €
Snežne verige5.00 €50.00 €
GPS - prenosna navigacijska naprava6.00 €60.00 €
Bluetooth prostoročna telefonija8.00 €80.00 €
Mobilni internet8.00 €80.00 €
Pomoč na cesti/ asistenca2.00 €20.00 €

Road assistance covers assistance in cases, when breakdown or damage results from driver improper use. This can be combined with all types of coverage.

Additional damage costs are calculated based on a level of insurance taken (damage costs, assistance of Free2rent personnel, towing service…)
If the rental charges are paid with a credit card or charge card, the cardholder’s signature shall be regarded as authorization to debit the total amount of his/her credit card account. This authorization shall be also valid for subsequent debts due to rental corrections, damage claims, traffic offences and any towing fees.

Free2rent can charge an administration fee in the amount of 100 EUR on top of all such subsequent debts/ claims etc.


Traffic or parking fee

The renter of the vehicle is solely responsible for any traffic offense fines.

And administration fee of 25,00 EUR apply for each processing of a traffic violation.Reservations are held for up to max. 2 hour after booked pick up time, after that they may be canceled by Free2rent Slovenia without any financial obligations for Free2rent.