At Free2rent – rent a car – we want to proactively improve insurance solutions tailored to each individual who decides to rent a vehicle (car rental, van rental or business vehicle rental).

We adapt the solutions to each individual, according to their needs and habits that we always put first.

We predict, compare and make a well thought out/optimal decision together with you.

That’s why we invite you to choose insurance from Free2rent.

When renting a car, renting a van or renting a vehicle for business purposes, car insurance can prevent you from further inconvenience in case of possible damage.


Basic vehicle insurance. AO is legally prescribed for all vehicle owners and covers damage caused to other participants in the event of a traffic accident.
Extended liability insurance for the driver as well. With AO Plus insurance, you as a driver are entitled to compensation for your own bodily injuries and death when you are involved in an accident as the cause of the accident.
Casco car insurance provides you with financial security in the event that you yourself are responsible for a traffic incident and damage to your vehicle occurs. You are also insured of events over which you have no influence, such as theft, damage in the parking lot, acts of negligence and other inconveniences.
Partial comprehensive insurance insures you against damage caused to glass (E), light fixtures and mirrors (J), wildlife or domestic animals (D), theft (K), parking lot (H) and provides you with a replacement vehicle (I). Some insurance companies have a separate combination for natural disasters (B). As a rule, these are general designations, some insurance companies mark them differently. Usually, partial combinations of car helmets are insured without a deductible.
Car roadside assistance insurance in the event of a breakdown or traffic accident. You are also provided with a replacement vehicle and transport of people home.


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